Velvet Pumpkins

Summer is winding down despite the current heatwave we are experiencing, and that means it is time to break out all things pumpkin spice, grab some gorgeous yarn and a crochet hook and pump out the crocheted pumpkins! It seems crocheted and fabric pumpkins have become a yearly staple at craft fairs and artisan stores and there are lots of patterns floating around. This pattern that I designed is very simple (read FAST!) but I think it stands out from the crowd because it is made with velvet yarn. I love how elegant they look. And truthfully, the velvet yarns do not tend to come in many of the traditional autumnal hues but you can get creative and come up with some beautiful and unique pumpkins to mix into your fall decor.


  • 1 ball of velvet yarn in colour of your choice.  I used Bernat Velvet, Bernat Baby Velvet and Bernat Crushed Velvet.
  • Small amount of velvet yarn for stem.  I used Bernat Baby Velvet in Blissful Greige.
  • Small amount of worsted weight (#4) acrylic yarn in matching colour for finishing.
  • 5.25 mm and 4.25 mm crochet hook.
  • Tapestry needle.
  • Small amount of stuffing for pumpkin and stem.


This pattern makes a small, medium or large pumpkin.  The pattern is written for small with medium and large in parenthesis: S (M, L).

The small pumpkin measures approximately 4” wide by 1.5” tall.  The medium pumpkin measures approximately 5” wide by 2.5” tall.  The large pumpkin measures approximately 6” wide by 3.5” tall.


Not applicable


Ch – chain

SC – single crochet

SlSt – slip stitch



  • This pattern is worked continuously in the round (do not join at the end of each round).  To keep track of rows/rounds you can place a stitch marker on the first stitch of each round.  Alternatively, I just count the total stitches I need to make – for the small pumpkin I single crochet 300 stitches (600 for medium and 1000 for large).  This is faster for me, however make sure you do not loose track of your stitch count!
  • The pumpkin is worked with two strands of yarn held together.


With 5.25 mm hook and two strands of yarn held together, ch 30 (40, 50).  Join to first chain to make a circle (see Figure 1).

Figure 1.  Join the chain to work in the round.

Round 1: single crochet in each chain stitch [30(40,50)].  Do not join.

Round 2-10 (2-15, 2-20): single crochet in each stitch around.

After the last SC, SlSt 2.  Fasten off and weave in ends (see Figure 2).

Figure 2.  The crocheting is finished and the ends are secured.  Next, choose a acrylic yarn in a matching colour for finishing.


With 4.25 mm hook and single strand of yarn.

Round 1:  4 (6) SC in a magic circle.

Round 2:  2SC in each stitch around [8(12)].

Round 3-5 (3-7): SC in each stitch around.

Fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing, stuff lightly. 


Use approximately 3-4 feet of worsted weight (#4) acrylic yarn to loosely stitch along the bottom of the pumpkin, going in and out every 2-3 stitches (see Figure 3).  Pull tight to gather the bottom (see Figure 4).  Tie securely inside the pumpkin and secure the shorter end by weaving in.  Stuff the pumpkin (see figure 5), making sure to have the acrylic yarn come out the top of the pumpkin on the inside.  With the acrylic yarn, place a gathering stitch along the top of the pumpkin and pull tightly to cinch the top (see Figure 6).  Using the acrylic yarn, circle the outside of the pumpkin, pass through the bottom center and pull out the top to create the definition (or bumps of the pumpkin) (see Figure 7).  I do this 5-6 times around the pumpkin, then secure the yarn and weave the end in. 

Figure 3:  Thread needle and acrylic yarn every 2-3 stitches along the bottom of the pumpkin.
Figure 4.  After stitching the acrylic yarn through the whole bottom row, pull tightly to cinch the bottom closed.
Figure 5.  Stuff the pumpkin, then with the acrylic yarn place the gathering stitch along the top of the pumpkin and pull tightly to cinch closed.
Figure 6.  Pull tightly to cinch the top closed.  It is ok if there is a small hole in the middle – this will be covered by the stem.
Figure 7.  Use the acrylic yarn to create the definition of the pumpkin by passing the yarn over the outside, through the bottom center and out the top center then pulling tightly.

Next, sew the stem to the top center of the pumpkin using the long tail of the stem.  Secure and weave in the end (see Figure 8).

Figure 8.  Sew the stem to the top center to complete the pumpkin.

Have fun trying different colours and combinations (see Figures 9-11).

Figure 9:  This is a large and a medium pumpkin made with Bernat Velvet in Yolk Yellow.
Figure 10.  Small, medium and large pumpkins made with Bernat Crushed Velvet in Toasted Plum.
Figure 11.  Black, black and grey stripes, and a white pumpkin.  The stripes were made by alternating grey and black every 2 rows.

As always, feel free to make this for personal use or sale, however, remember to give me credit for the pattern by linking my FB or IG accounts (One Knotty Dog) or my blog (  Please do not distribute copies of the pattern or my photographs without my permission.  I would love to see all of your creations!  Tag me or use the hashtag #oneknottydog or #velvetpumpkins.  If you would like to purchase a PDF of this pattern, please visit my Ravelry Store (buy now). Send me an email to with any questions!

Happy making,


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