Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cozy

It is official – September has hit and the world smells like Pumpkin Spice. Today, in particular, has crisp air and grey skies and it truly feels like autumn. I am wrapped up in one of my coziest sweaters and am pretty certain I will not feel warm again until June 2021. So it seems like the perfect day to write-up my first of 3 fall-themed coffee cozy patterns.

I stated out my little crochet business selling hand made items. Overtime, and as I have gotten exceptionally busy with my full-time job, I have focused more on design and pattern writing. But I do still carry my items in 2 retail stores, and one of my top sellers is consistently my coffee cozies. A few things that make this a terrific item to always have in stock: First – they work up really quickly, which is hugely important to me as I am always short on time. Second – once you get the basic pattern down, there is no end to the creative designs you can come up with. Third – they do not take a lot of yarn and make a perfect project to use up the leftover bits. Lastly – they have a low price point, so are any easy add-on purchase. I sell them for $5 a piece, and market them on a cute coffee cozy template that I print on kraft paper and cut out. It makes a good spontaneous purchase, or I often have people give them as a gift. They could easily be given with a coffee gift card slipped inside or on a nice reusable mug. So have I convinced you to give them a try?

Ok, enough of my spiel about the wonders of coffee cozies…lets get onto the first pattern.


  • small amount of worsted weight acrylic yarn. Shown here is Caron Simply Soft in the colour pumpkin.
  • 5.25 mm crochet hook


4 3/4″ wide by 3 1/2″ tall when laying flat. I have found this fits most typical coffee cups. Size can be adjusted to fit larger or smaller cups by adjusting the number of chains. Pattern is a repeat of 3 stitches.


  • ch – chain
  • sc – single crochet
  • fpdc – front post double crochet
    • yarn over, insert hook behind the post of the next stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through the last 2 loops on the hook.


Note: this pattern is worked in the round

ch 30, join to first chain, ch 1

Figure 1. After chaining 30, join to first chain with a slip stitch so that you can work in the round.

Round 1: sc in each chain around, join to first sc, ch 1 (30)

Figure 2. Round 1 is done.

Round 2-12: *sc, sc, fpdc*. Repeat around, join to first sc, ch 1 (30)

Figure 3. To do the fpdc stitch, yarn over and then insert hook behind the post of the next stitch (not in the top loops).
Figure 4. The fpdc stitch is worked around the post of the stitch in the round below.
Figure 5. When placing the sc after the fpdc stitch it will look like you skipped a stitch from the top – this “skipped” stitch is the stitch whose post was crocheted around.

Note: in rounds 3-12 the fpdc will go around the fpdc of the row below.

Figure 6. In subsequent rounds the fpdc will be worked around the post of the fpdc in the round below.

Fasten off. Weave in ends

Stay tuned for my other fall-themed coffee cozy patterns!

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