Chunky Velvet Hair Scrunchies

They’re baaaccckkk!!!! Like so many fashion fads and trends, hair scrunchies are once again all the rage with kids and adults alike. Whether they are adding a pop of colour finishing off a cute ponytail or adorning the wrist, ready to be used in a pinch, scrunchies are flying off the shelf at big box stores and fashion boutiques alike. I started crocheting them about a month ago and have been amazed at the popularity. My favourite yarn to use is the also trendy velvet yarns as the finished scrunchie is so soft and luxurious. I had been using the number 4 and 5 weight yarns available but the 7 weight Chunky Velvet Yarn by Loops and Threads was calling my name. So I picked up a skein in my favourite colours and set to work designing a pattern. And guys, this works up so quickly! I can have a finished piece in 8 minutes!!!


  • Chunky Velvet yarn (#7 weight)
  • Size 10 mm crochet hook
  • Hair elastics
  • Large eyed tapestry needle
1 skein makes 5 hair scrunchies

Chunky Velvet Hair Scrunchie Pattern

Begin with a slip stitch on your crochet hook. Insert your hook through the hair elastic and yarn over then draw through the stitch on your hook to create a Chain one stitch.

Work around the hair elastic by having your stitch at the front and pulling up your yarn from the working yarn behind.

Round 1: Working around the hair elastic, single crochet 20 stitches. Join with a slip stitch, chain 1.

Note: You want this round have enough stitches to create a full round with a little bit of bunching. You may require more or less stitches depending on the size of the elastic you start with.

This is how your scrunchie should look at the end of the first round.

Round 2: Place 2 SC in each stitch around (40 SC). Join with a slip stitch and fasten off.

Weave in ends with a large eyed tapestry needle.

And done!

Let me know if you give this pattern a try. Feel free to sell your finished products, but please give me credit for the pattern by tagging my blog, facebook page or Instagram. And don’t forget to share your pictures with me! Happy making!

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